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Building a Better World 

Full-length films featuring famous buildings and architecture. 
All shows start at 2:00 pm

Friday, June 2: King Kong (1933)
A film crew discovers a gigantic ape on a remote island, and bring the towering beast back to New York City, where it embarks on a terrifying rampage while attempting to protect the movie's beautiful starlet.  100 minutes; Not rated

Friday, June 9: The Walk
Tightrope walker Philippe Petit crosses back and forth between the Twin Towers in 1974.  Petit works to accomplish this feat while dealing with logistical problems and the concern of his loved ones.  123 minutes; Rated PG.

Friday, June 16: The Bridges of Madison County
While passing through a small town, a photojournalist has a brief affair with a lonely housewife that changes their lives forever.  135 minutes; Rated PG-13.

Friday, June 23: The Great Escape
Allied soldiers in a 1942 Nazi POW camp plan to break out of an escape-proof prison.  Based on actual events.  172 minutes; Not rated.

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